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District Ten


October 6, 2014

Goof Kloosterman

Fine Arts, Mixed Media

It’s the cause of what makes us lose track, what

makes us not understand; it’s what’s being organized
backstage; it’s all the things that have happened
before; it’s the question to which science hasn’t found
the answer; it’s all those moments and fields that we
are unable to define and understand that I would like
to call Black Boxes. It’s those unknown Black boxes
that make me want to make work.

Driven to understand how something can visually
appear to us, I start by trying to reconstruct or create
new phenomena and build installations. You could
see them as testing arrangements in which I use
different materials and devices and see what kind of
perceptional qualities they have. These materials and
devices add a layer to the process of transformation,
they filter existing information and add new. A lot
of these transformations are expected and taken
for granted but I’m searching for the little wonders
that create something that differs from our own
expectations. Something almost magical that we
don’t fully understand, a black box.

It are these installations, tests and discoveries that
form the base of my creative practice.